Serve Dinner for Two at a Lakeside

There are few dates more romantic than a planned dinner for two near a local lake shore. You can impress your date even more by having a friend prepare things before hand so as to surprise your date. Act as if you are simply going for a nice walk around the lake. Have your friend rent a table and some chairs and set them up at a spot near the shore that you have previously selected. Have him decorate the table with a fancy table cloth and some candles and any other decorations you can think of. After you’ve sat down with your date, have your friend come out of the background dressed as a waiter in a fancy outfit and have him take your order (You might have only one item on the menu so that your friend can prepare the meal beforehand). Eat and enjoy spending time together near the cool lakeside. If your friend is really talented. He may even come back and play some background melodies for you on the violin.

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