About Us

Welcome! My name is Dallin Harris and my wife’s is Katie. We are two totally “in love” newlyweds living in our (small) apartment in Chandler, Arizona. But that was not always the case! Before getting married on May 10, 2008, we both had long and illustrious “dating” careers and as a result, we are very familiar with what an awkward time it can be. We also know how much fun it can be and, if handled correctly, how it can turn in to the best experience of your life! Getting married!

OK OK, maybe you’re not thinking quite that far ahead yet. Feel free to enjoy our “ideas for a fun date” as we document the kinds of things that WE liked to do when we were single (and still like to do now that we’re married!) Get your creative ideas flowing, feel free to participate and by all means, have fun!